Focus of the collection

Artists of the 1960s’ generation blossomed especially in the climate of political and socio-cultural liberalisation leading up to the Prague Spring of 1968.

This brief period became a significant chapter in the development of Slovak and Czech contemporary visual art, due to its association with the growth of progressive conceptual tendencies – with overlaps from painting and objects through multimedia environments up to action expressions.

During this era, individual artistic expressions took place in parallel with international tendencies – such as Pop Art, New Figuration, New Realism, and conceptual tendencies – and have been increasingly acknowledged as an original and valuable contribution to world fine art history.

The crossing of traditional boundaries of thinking and intermediary overlaps has also been reflected in neo-conceptual artworks by more recent generations of artists from the turn of the 1980s onwards. This rare and continuous phenomenon forms an important starting point for the coherent and distinctive character of the collection.